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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Ms. Yasmine

How does Kumon Help to Improve Children’s Life Skills?

Kumon helps to develop students’ self-learning skill. This will definitely benefit the students when they enter the work force as it will help them to figure out a solution and think out of the box.

Kumon also helps to train students to be persistent and never give up when they progress to a new level or when faced with challenging questions.

These two key features are essential and vital in a child’s development and I can foresee that students will be mentally tougher and be more willing to take up challenges if they are equipped with the right skills.

Ms. Nora

What Do Instructors Think About Advanced Study?

In Malaysia, the revised Standard Based Curriculum for Primary & Secondary School [KSSR & KSSM] necessitates children to think beyond their age with the introduction of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) or Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)] at an early age.

School is now very challenging for the young ones. They need to learn quickly, process and level up their thinking capabilities to avoid being left behind; indeed a very stressful situation especially for preschool and even primary school-going children.

Advanced study helps children manage these expectations. Children who are studying beyond their school grade will be more prepared to embark on the learning experience in class as they have already possessed the knowledge. All they need to focus on now is levelling up their High Order Thinking Skills, and think outside of the box.

Ms. Dana

How Is Kumon Different From Other Enrichment Centre?

As an instructor speaking objectively, Kumon centres are simply better. We, as instructors, are the heart of the centre. Our philosophy makes a difference from Day 1 of the child’s journey. We strive to encourage the child to reach his or her limitless potential. Each class day is seen as an opportunity to praise and encourage the child to self-lead.

We believe that every child can learn, whether they are slow learners or special needs students, and we approach each child with the same dedication. As an Instructor, I have had children with a short attention span and a profound dislike for Maths, aiming to study Engineering. It warms my heart every time.

We believe that ‘’every child is a bud waiting to flower”. The Kumon instructor is an integral part of the Kumon experience. The Kumon Instructor is not only qualified to teach academic subjects, but also has been trained to recognise strengths that need to be nurtured in children.