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1. What type of questions are covered in the proficiency tests?

Each test covers a range of basic arithmetic and reading comprehension exercises in English and/or native language.

2. Where is the training for new Instructors conducted?

Typically, training takes place at the local offices. It is compulsory for candidates to attend this training. Upon completion of the 4-week New Instructor Training course, follow-up training are provided after the commencement of your Centre to ensure that the operations of your Centre meets the strict requirements of Kumon.

3. What is included in the training for new Franchisee / Instructors?

Topics covered in the training include:

Kumon principles
The Kumon Method, curriculum, and learning materials
Student assessment and enrolment
The effective implementation of study programmes
Communication with parents and students
Centre management strategies
Centre administration, policies, and procedures

4. How are the available locations selected?

At Kumon, we believe in providing greater accessibility for students to attend Kumon. As such, we will evaluate the opportunity in locations nationwide. The decision will be made and discussed during the application process.