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Enrolment Procedure

Find the nearest Centre and make an appointment for a Parent Orientation

Finding a convenient Kumon Centre near you and talking with a Kumon Instructor are the first steps to giving your child a big head start in their future growth. Please find a Centre convenient for you and make an appointment for a Parent Orientation.

Find a Kumon Centre

Go to the Centre location search page

You can find a convenient Centre on the ‘Centre location search’ page. If you cannot locate a convenient Centre, please contact the Kumon Office.

Make an appointment for a Parent Orientation

Attend Parent Orientation

Please contact the Instructor of the Centre convenient for you, and make an appointment for a Parent Orientation.

Discuss the result of the Diagnostic Test with the Instructor

Identify the starting point for your child

During a Parent Orientation the Instructor will provide a detailed explanation about the structure and benefits of the programme. The Parent Orientation is followed by a Diagnostic Test which identifies an appropriate starting level for your child.

Student Testimonials

Read the experiences of those students Kumon has helped nurture.

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Kumon Fuels Desires into Strong Vision

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Kumon Prepares Kids for Challenges

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Advanced Learning Builds Character

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Search for a Kumon Centre near you

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