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March 17, 2010

Inauguration of Kumon Indonesia Office

To dedicate the Progress of Indonesia Children

On Wednesday, 17th March 2010, PT.KIE Indonesia has inaugurated a new office. Besides as an office, the 4th floor of the building that is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 37, Utan Kayu Selatan, Jakarta Timur, it also used as a warehouse and Museum of Toru Kumon. The warehouse is designed to accommodate 120 thousand Kumon students in Indonesia. There is also the Museum of Toru Kumon on the 2nd floor, it contents of a replica of the work space of Toru Kumon who founder of Kumon method, a history of Kumon method since it was launched at the first time in 1948 and also its development that is not only in Indonesia but also in other countries.

New building ceremony was attended by Mr. Tsunoda as President Kumon Group and Mr. Hamanaka, as President of Kumon Asia & Oceania. On this occasion, Mr. Tsunoda said that building of Kumon office is a starting point for the development of Kumon Indonesia.

Mr. Katsumata as President Director of PT. KIE Indonesia, expressed in his speech that, "This new building is devoted to the Indonesia children; it is also expected to give our best in order to develop Indonesia children."

Having read of prayers, planting trees as memorial and also putting an inscription are part of this ceremony’s agenda. The inscription is embedded in front of the building and written "To dedicate the progress of Indonesia children.” The Inscription is carved to remind us the purpose of establishing the new building.

PT. KIE Indonesia has planted a new milestone for the development of the larger of Kumon Indonesia.

Kumon Indonesia's New Office.

(from left) Mr. Harada (President Director of Regional Singapore Office), Mr. Katsumata (President Director of Kumon Indonesia), Mr. Tsunoda (President Director of Kumon Group), Mr. Hamanaka (President Director of Kumon Asia and Oceania).

Museum of Toru Kumon.

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